It all goes around. Full Circle.


Polly Kronenberger is a writer and an artist.  She began writing at a very early age, with a story in second grade about Bloomby the Elephant, a Wooly Mammouth living incognito at the Washington Zoo. Sister Mary Abagail read the tale to the entire class, giving young Polly a taste for the art of storytelling.  These days, she mostly likes the taste of peanuts, right from the jar.

Most days you will find her writing something, even if it is a grocery list.  Kronenberger has received countless accolades for her work, especially when she group-reads to Field Mice on Tuesdays.  Her other interests include reverse-fortune-telling with coffee grounds, visiting Waffle Houses in states beginning with the letter N, and tying knots.  The knot-tying is presently on hold, as she recently tied her own shoes together, and has been limping ever since the great fall.  Humpty Dumpty tweeted, “Just pick up the pieces, girl.”


My latest project is at Polly Goggles.

Visit this site, to read the latest on the mysteries of the Universe, and recipes for a great Tuna Casserole.

Polly Goggles!  I want to go NOW.