Polly Kronenberger is an artist and a writer. This was a direct proclaimation of the Universe.  Or the Justice League.  Or maybe both.

Kronenberger’s talents began at an early age. When she was just six years old, she proclaimed to her mother that she wanted to be a writer. It stuck. From that point onward, she has been looking for the ultimate pencil sharpener. Not the manual kind which leave shavings all over the floor, but the kind that you plug into an electrical outlet, and which really give the pencil a good go-around.

Drawing was much the same. She found herself spending countless hours recreating her version of the Cistine Chapel on the underside of the kitchen table while she was growing up. It wasn’t until the family replaced the formica table, that her talent was discovered. Albeit, the painting looked more like a scene from Johnny Quest.

Kronenberger studied abroad. Then she studied a dude. The experiences of both led her back to not studying at all, but rather playing fast and hard on the University Rugby Team, where she excelled as a Flanker, and a Number Eight. When she was discovered as not being an actual student at the University, the Rugby playing had to stop.

Which led her back to writing, and drawing, and here. With you now.