By Polly Kronenberger

New Releases

A Hard Thing To Find and The Guessing Jar. Two mystery capers filled with intrigue, friendship, and malice. Sometimes it becomes difficult to know the difference. Now available on:  |  Apple Books

Best Selling Author. Well. Maybe.

Polly Kronenberger

Polly Kronenberger is a hardworking novelist,
who enjoys writing at her home in Ohio.
She began writing in Kindergarten and
has been honing the skill ever since.

The Books & Works

A Hard Thing To Find

When Cora Woodard felt the nose of the gun pressing into her side, she wondered why she ever got involved. Two women. One hidden treasure. And one killer, intent on stopping them.

The Guessing Jar

Eight people are brought together by a simple game, The Guessing Jar. Taking one guess will change their lives forever. Some of them are not who they seem. And the truth, may kill them.

Coming Soon.  Alive In Deadwood

Doris Darter’s inheritance comes in the form of a bookstore, in Deadwood, South Dakota.  She travels to get rid of the building, and finds much more.

The Blog of All Blogs

I’ve been writing a daily musing for the past 12 years.  You’d think I’d said enough. But apparently not.  Please stop by and have a look. The current project is Polly Goggles.


Extraordinary. Polly gives it her all, and we love her for it.

- Mrs. Kronenberger


Kronenberger produces yet another great work of fiction.  Unlike any other.

- Her next door neighbor, Joe.


A delightful look at the world, in every turn of the page.  A winner, all the way.

- Georgia the
reading goat

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