Current Project

Polly Goggles.  The world is filled with such things as Polly Wogs and lots of Blogs. But then you find a Polly Gog, which is the creature living at Polly Goggles. The world as seen through said goggles.

Past Projects

Kid Wednesday.  Kid Wednesday began in when the masses objected to the name KronyTown and the Numbered Projects.  People tried long math, and were unsuccessful.  Kid Wednesday saved the day.

Project 372. This was the first project. It started, in 2010 as a way to “shoot” more images with a camera. Kronenberger earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Photography in that same year.

Project 368. This one came next. After the first project was completed, after 372 days, I announced that was it. My “Readership” complained saying I couldn’t quit yet. So. 368 was born.

Project 188. As they say, second verse, same as the first. I was quitting after 368 was complete. Another way of resistance hit. So… a shorter version… 188 appeared online.

Project 16010. The crazy people who read this thing were relentless. After 188 days were up, I put my foot down. That would be all. They found out where I lived. So, facetiously, I said, “Okay, okay. What’s another 16,010 days.”   This has now morphed into 30734…. my latest Project.

Project 30473 This has been the most current outing.  It started as a result of relentless badgering from people I thought were my friends.  The show must go on as they say.

And now… we are shifting to Project 70,432.  Kid Wednesday.  Any Day Of The Week.